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Brandon Jacob Pancost



08/2011 – Present    ARINC

Marina Del Rey, CA

Senior Staff Engineer

Lead a software team to design and implement a generic system which manages off side railroad directives. The system allows railroad dispatchers to electronically generate required paperwork, transmits advisories and grants authority to teams in the field, and regulates actions on the railroad to ensure compliance with the generated paperwork

Frequently participated in the core design meetings for the Advanced Information Management (AIM) system.

Maintained high visibility with the customer during design, testing, deployment, training and maintenance.

04/2009 – 08/2011    ARINC

Marina Del Rey, CA

Staff Engineer

Worked on the Advanced Information Management (AIM) system, which is a train traffic control system used by or being developed for several well-known mass transit and freight rail agencies such as San Diego Trolley, Los Angeles Metro, Caltrain Los Angeles Metrolink, and Amtrak.

Sole design, implementation, documentation and end-user training for the railroad vehicle management module.

Created a toolset to maintain data across multiple different database systems using JDBC.

Handled build migration from 32-bit Visual C++ 6 to 64-bit Visual Studio 2008 and GCC through MinGW.

Developed an external interface for communicating with GPS tracking devices mounted on trains.

Maintained high visibility with the customer during design, testing, deployment, training and maintenance.


10/2008 – 04/2009    AeroTek

Culver City, CA

Software Engineer

Contract work for ARINC. Converted to a full-time employee at ARINC with agreement from AeroTek.


06/2006 – 09/2006    Avega Health Systems

El Segundo, CA

Summer Intern – Web Development

Helped create a data management system for the company's flagship decision support program for hospitals that could dynamically generate web pages for intuitively maintaining database data based off of the type of data.

Worked on a JavaScript widget that was used to search, sort, and select thousands of database rows pulled from a database.


06/2007 – 10/2007    Tridian, Inc

Encino, CA

Contracted Web Developer

Added features to and fixed bugs on production websites to comply with customer specifications.

Created a new data maintenance utility for musculardevelopment.com and migrated the previously existing database to a new server and schema.


06/2004 – 06/2005     Associated Students Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Representative

Communicated with the students, clubs, and organizations within the college of Engineering Computer Science, and Technology in order to represent them in the California State University – Los Angeles student government.

Created and maintained a website to create another channel of communication with the students of California State University – Los Angeles. The website includes a forum, student government news, and a calendar that allows student organizations to post their events.


06/2003 – 06/2004    Information Technology Services

Los Angeles, CA

Assistant Maintenance Technician

Fixed hardware and software problems reported for California State University – Los Angeles’ computer labs.

Sole maintainer for the Associated Students, Inc. laptop program.

Helped perform quarterly maintenance checks on all California State University – Los Angeles’ computers and electronic equipment.



2005 – 2009      University of California – Los Angeles

Master of Science in Computer Science

   Focus in Artificial Intelligence and Networking

My master’s project dealt with estimating the size of the network buffer with the most traffic. Using this data, it is possible to pace network traffic to avoid packet losses due to overwhelming the buffer. The method I used involved using a vector of the net changes in distance between packets along a path. This vector was used to determine if the round trip time of the packet right before a loss event could be used for estimating the buffer. I showed that my method consistently reduces the error under certain network conditions from 30-60% down to 3.5-6.5%.

Presented a version of my master’s project at PFLDNet 2009 in Tokyo, Japan.

Association for Computing Machinery

Vice President of Enigma (2007-2008) - The Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Gaming Club at UCLA

2000 – 2005         California State University – Los Angeles

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Minor in Multimedia

General Education Honors Program

Association for Computing Machinery

Associated Students

Early Entrance Program Club



B. Pancost, C.C. Chen, M.Y. Sanadidi, M. Gerla “Buffer Estimate Filtering Using Dispersion Deltas” in Proc of PFLDnet workshop, May 2009

Technical Skills


Operating Systems: Linux and Microsoft Windows

Programming Languages:  Java, C, Prolog, and SQL



 References available on request.


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